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Yi's Martial Arts & Karate Fitness Academy of Wood River & Alton, Illinois

Welcome to Yi’s Martial Arts and Karate Fitness Academy of Wood River Illinois--Your home of the finest martial arts instruction

We want to invite you to Yi’s Martial Arts & Karate Fitness Academy—YOUR home of the BEST martial arts instruction anywhere. Our facility is clean, safe and comfortable and our professional staff believes that FUN and fitness goes hand-in-hand. Every instructor at Yi’s is committed to giving you top-notch energetic classes guaranteed to make you want to come back for more.

A Program (and a place) for EVERYONE

No matter your age or current fitness level, Yi’s has a class or program for you. Our trained instructors teach rambunctious young ones, teens dealing with peer pressure, adults looking to lose weight or learn how to defend themselves, or seniors wanting to learn how to protect themselves. Yi’s Academy has a PROGRAM FOR YOU! We promise to motivate and inspire you…to get you in shape and teach you how to defend yourself and be able to protect your children. Our approach promotes a complete martial arts training program.
All classes incorporate the following components:

  • Dynamic warm-ups and proper cool-downs
  • Stretching and conditioning
  • Aerobic and anaerobic portions
  • Defense elements relevant to real-world applications
  • Energetic instructors committed to making classes FUN

Become MORE than a Black Belt…Become the Master of Your Inner-self!

We don’t just focus on the physical side; we strive to develop the whole person. At Yi’s Martial Arts and Fitness Academy we believe the whole person matters. Our classes not only get you in tip-top physical shape, they help you gain self-confidence, increase your focus and concentration and build your self-esteem. We take pride in helping our kids acquire value like courtesy, patience, respect, self-control and integrity.

“Before beginning karate Colby was having difficulties in self-esteem and listening. The short time Colby has been involved in martial arts I have seen a huge increase in his self-esteem. His listening skills are slowly improving at home but during classes his behavior is really improving. I am confident that with time and continuation of martial arts Colby will become a young man with good self-esteem and confidence.” --Colby's Mom

Come Meet Our Incredible Staff!

All our instructors are committed to YOU. Our number one goal is to help you reach your goals and have FUN while achieving them! Each and every instructor at Yi’s has been professionally trained to teach you and your family the physical aspect of martial arts AND the character-building traits that come along with training with us.

“I would definitely recommend Master Chris's martial arts Academy to a friend because the staff is awesome the workouts challenging and the results are amazing. Master Chris, Mr. Chase, and Master Jay are all very helpful during the classes, always making sure you things right. The workouts are fun, but challenging, too. Before I started Master Chris's Academy, I was very shy and could never hold a conversation. Now I start talking to people and feel more confident. You should take the classes if you want to be stronger, faster, and more self-developed.” --Rachel R. Teenager

It’s YOUR turn to experience fun, fitness, and huge boost in confidence, self-esteem, better grades at school, increased energy at work and goals you’ve never even imagined for yourself. If you’ve thought any of the following:

  • I want to become a black belt. Or, I want to children to become a black belt.
  • I want to learn defense skills in order to protect yourself or your family.
  • I want to get into great physical shape.
  • I want a complete life change.
  • I want a sport or activity which addresses the “whole’ you.
Then Yi’s Martial Arts and Karate Fitness Academy is for YOU! Call us now and take the first step in reaching your personal goals TODAY. We’ve seen the powers of martial arts fitness, now you can, too. Call us at 618-251-5425 and one of our professional staff will hook you up with a Free Trial Program. You have nothing to lose, and a new life to gain.


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